My First Freelance Python Project

How I executed my first paid task

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I will get to the main details in the very beginning. I got paid about 800usd for this project and it took me 2–3 weeks to get it done. You guys can interact with the project here. Just remember, The company name is the company ticker(In upper case). So for example Apple’s ticker is AAPL. So type in AAPL and the year (2018,2019). Thank you

Now, Let’s begin.

The client approached me with a “simple” task. Get financial data for over 3500 companies listed on the NYSE and on NASDAQ for the past 20 years, clean it up to remove any discrepancies, and represent it using a dynamic front end.

Sounded simple enough, the only problem being, “Where do I get that much data from?”

  1. Getting the data
    After some research and intense “googling”, I came across Financial Modelling Prep.
    A hub for all data finance-related, FMP has everything a finance enthusiast would need. From Financial Ratio on the quarterly and annual level to cryptocurrency historical and real-time data to educational content. Those guys have done quite the job, I must say.
    Using one of their APIs, I was able to fetch data for any company of my choice and for any year range. So yes, FMP really solved the toughest part of the project f which was getting the right data for the right time period.


The most satisfying part of the entire project(apart from receiving the money) was the fact that I utilized my skill set to create something meaningful and valuable.
The ability to create some productivity really gives you that satisfactory feeling of accomplishment that can’t be gained otherwise.

The road to becoming a Data Scientist is hard and arduous but so is everything else in life which is worthwhile.

The journey continues…

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