Knowing Web Development is a GameChanger

We are not one Algorithm away from an A.I revolution, We are only an Application away

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It’s been about a year and a half since I transitioned towards Data Science. From doing online courses on Udemy to working at a startup to doing freelance projects, I must say the journey has been quite the experience.

From the first opening of that lecture on Udemy on “Introduction to Data Science” to recently creating a full-fledged web application, I must say, The decision I made to transition towards Data Science was one of my best decisions ever.

But only very recently, I have come to realize one thing which I believe is worth sharing with everyone.

Data Science alone is just a set of methods used to extract, clean, and analyze Data with the occasional task of training models which in my experience takes up the least amount of time.

But if there is no way for the end-user to interact or work with the models you have trained or the analytics you have generated, It doesn’t have much value.

Your Data Science skills are only good if they can provide some sort of “value” or “wow” moment to the people. Because in the end, It’s the people who decide whether you get to be successful or not.

Running code on Jupyter Notebook alone won’t get you anywhere if people can’t use it in one way or another. You have to provide a way for people to interact with your findings.

I would like to explain this concept using a very basic example.
Let’s say you train a model on the Heart-Disease Dataset from Kaggle.

You get very good accuracy and precision scores and can with confidence predict whether a user will suffer from heart disease at some point based on their conditions. But only you know how to navigate around your Jupyter Notebook and the common person does not.

Your average person doesn’t know how to run scripts on Python, He might have never written a line of code in his entire life.

To make your product have a standing of it’s own, The common very day person needs to see value in it.

We are not one Alogrithm away from an A.I revolution, We are only an Application away.

If you know how to deploy your machine learning models linking them with an interactive front-end, You’re immensely valuable.

You now have the ability to create something meaningful and of value that can be used to tell people something about themselves they otherwise wouldn't know.

That’s the approach you need to take to stand out.

As I take up Freelance projects occasionally, Clients always look for past work or portfolio. Sending them a link to an actual deployed web application vs sending them a Jupyter Notebook makes a world of difference.

And deploying your machine learning models isn’t all too hard if you just know the basics of Backend Technology such as Django and a little bit of Front end such as HTML/CSS.

So to sum it up, Learn deployment, think in terms of what value you can provide and you will definitely stand out from the rest.

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