Everything I learned to get a smooth Social Login functionality

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“6 Hours of Debugging can save you 5 minutes of reading documentation”.
A little bit of sarcasm there but the statement is as true as 2+2=4.

Most of the time, the problems we run into always have a well-detailed answer in the documentation available but there are some instances where you feel like you’re hitting a brick wall head-on constantly.
You try one method, Error not resolved, You look up another answer and BAM, what do you know, The Error is still there.

The well-rated answers on Stack overflow have…

Time to share my experience with DRF

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A new Project, A new Learning experience. Most recently, I worked on a freelance project which happened to be my first professional experience working with the Django REST Framework.

The Experience was a steep learning curve which sometimes seemed to be a bit overwhelming but as with anything else in life. If you persist, you get through it.

In this article, I will go over the theory of Token Authentication and how to Register and Log in users using Token Authentication in DRF as well as how to log users out. …

How to send requests, add friends, message them and remove them in Django

Not the usual Data Science Article I am used to writing but the very reason I began writing on Medium in the first place was to share what I learn so that others won’t face the same hurdle I faced when trying to grasp this concept.

Most recently, I have been investing a lot of my time into learning the Django Backend Framework. …

We are not one Algorithm away from an A.I revolution, We are only an Application away

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It’s been about a year and a half since I transitioned towards Data Science. From doing online courses on Udemy to working at a startup to doing freelance projects, I must say the journey has been quite the experience.

From the first opening of that lecture on Udemy on “Introduction to Data Science” to recently creating a full-fledged web application, I must say, The decision I made to transition towards Data Science was one of my best decisions ever.

But only very recently, I…

How I executed my first paid task

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I will get to the main details in the very beginning. I got paid about 800usd for this project and it took me 2–3 weeks to get it done. You guys can interact with the project here. Just remember, The company name is the company ticker(In upper case). So for example Apple’s ticker is AAPL. So type in AAPL and the year (2018,2019). Thank you

Now, Let’s begin.

The client approached me with a “simple” task. Get financial data for over 3500 companies listed on the NYSE and on NASDAQ for the past…

Lessons were learned. Both good and bad.

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Everyone wants to make ends meet. I know I do.
Ever since I transitioned towards the field of Data Science, I have only been amazed by how much work potential there is out there and it’s just getting started.

My internship at a Data Science startup really humbled me and showed me how long the journey really is. It was a great experience and was truly an eye-opener but it didn’t help me much when it came to meeting my financial needs.

Yes, I was learning but I wasn’t making enough money to…

Building a Spam classifier using the NLTK library in python

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Human beings have come a long way when it comes to communication.

There are thousands of languages spoken every single day with many people having a command over several languages.

The ability to communicate with another human being using a different language goes to show how powerful our brains are when it comes to picking up a language.

But can computers be trained to understand our languages as well? Yes, That has already been done and extensive research is still going on in the field of Natural Language Processing


A simple guide on How to get started with KNN in python.

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Easy to understand and easy to implement, The K-nearest-neighbors algorithm is one of the most widely used classification algorithms out there.

A non-parametric algorithm, The math behind KNN is simple to understand thus making it easy to interpret and explain. But that’s not all.

KNN is also famous for:

  • Being Robust; for instance, classes don’t have to be linearly separable.
  • Having few parameters to tune to find the best model
  • Having no assumptions whatsoever.

All of the above points combined with KNNs simplicity make it a good choice…

Careers, Data Science

How to enjoy your work without losing your sanity.

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It’s been close to three months since my Data Science internship started.

From getting the chance to work on Real-life Data Science projects to dealing with clients, The Process has been quite the learning experience, and I firmly believe it’s just getting started.

But most recently, I have been facing what most people would call a “burnout.”

Even though rich in the learning experience, the past month has been grueling, to say the least, and it’s not because Data Science is “hard” or that there is too much learn.

It’s because understanding the client's requirement is the single most difficult…


Introduction to The Technology of the “future.”

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“Blockchain will change the world.” Oh, If I received a dollar for every time, I heard that statement.

Everyone is talking about the implications of cryptocurrency and How it will “revolutionize” finance as we know it, but very few people understand HOW it will do it.

The term “Blockchain” sounds a bit “cool,” I must admit, and that’s why everyone and their brother is using it repeatedly whenever the talk of the “future” comes in.

Yea, I know you want to sound like an intellectual in a conversation, and terms like “Blockchain” or “Machine Learning” do make you sound like…


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